These 6 Amazing Dog Leashes Are Sure to Keep Your Best Friend in Line

Walking a dog can be a really intimidating thing. Puppies want to run all over the place, our rescue pups haven't learned leash manner or controls yet, and walking at night can be scary when it's super dark out! At Bark.Bark.Goose., we like to make sure we're outfitted with the right hardware before heading out. If we're going to be in a 'free' zone, we'll grab the retractable leash. If we're going on a run at night, the LED one is best. It really depends on our activity for the day and what our dog needs. Find the best leash for your dog here!

1. Best Retractable

WHY WE LOVE IT: When we're not on a busy street, why not give our dogs a little extra freedom?

Nearly 3,000 people can't be wrong about how great this leash is! The Amazon best-selling retractable leash extends up to 16-feet, is good for dogs up to 110 lbs, has an ergonomic, anti-slip handle, and allows us to "lock" the leash at any length you prefer. 


  1. We can release, lock, and brake with one hand.
  2. It comes with a poop bag holder!

2. Best Leather

WHY WE LOVE IT: There's nothing quite as chic in the dog world as a leather leash. Tack on a braid and we're in leash heaven.

Our favorite leather dog company "Soft Touch Collars" also makes leashes. And, they're just as affordable as the collars! Everything from "Soft Touch Collars" is handmade, so you can count on the durability. 


  1. The handled is padded for your comfort. 
  2. The hardware is lacquered to prevent rust. 

3. Best Dual Leash

WHY WE LOVE IT: We can walk two dogs, individually, with one leash and they can NEVER get tangled.

Balancing our coffee, phone, and one dog is hard -- but toss in a second pup and all bets are off. Then came Wigzi! It has a patented 360 spin technology that allows us to walk two dogs, on one retractable leash, and they're guaranteed to never tangle.


  1. Each dog gets 10 feet of freedom.
  2. We can control both dogs individually.

4. Best LED

WHY WE LOVE IT: An LED leash is the last thing we'll ever need to ensure ultimate visibility.

The leash can literally save your dog's life. It is USB rechargeable and stays lit for 5 hours! We like to put the light on rapid flash when we're running on busy city streets at night, but you can also can put the light on steady or slow flash. Plus, they come in blue, green, pink, red, orange, and yellow!


  1. Comes with a lifetime guarantee. 
  2. Matches their LED collars. 

5. Best Hands-Free

WHY WE LOVE IT: When we can go hands-free, there's no telling what we can accomplish!

Sometimes we want to pump our arms when we run or sometimes we want to hold our coffee in one hand and our phone in the other! We're not judging why anyone needs a hands-free leash -- but we are telling you this one from Ruffwear is the best.


  1. There's a built in accessory loop for poop bags or keys.
  2. The 'traffic handle' gives extra restraint options. 

6. Best Double Handle

WHY WE LOVE IT: We feel so much more confident walking or training our big dogs.

Let's be honest. When we're walking a dog that weighs almost as much as we do, it can be a little intimidating. Not anymore! Leashboss makes a heavy duty leash with a no-pull handle for extra control. You and your XL pup can feel confident in each other and start creating a more trusting bond.


  1. It's made in the USA.
  2. It comes with a 5-year warranty.